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The Edge Singapore brings a full range of educational services under one roof to better serve the needs of students, families, schools, and companies. Founded by Test Prep Expert, Duc Luc, in 2008 established in Hong Kong. It has since expanded to cover multiple centers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.


PGD Peace and Conflict Studies (St Andrews), BA Politics and East European Studies (UCL), BA Applied Modern Languages (UVT)

Having lived, worked and studied in over eight countries over the past twelve years, Madeline has been based in Singapore since 2015.

Madeline has graduated with a PGD in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Saint Andrews a double-major BA in Applied Modern Languages – English and French – from The Western University of Timisoara, and one in Politics and East European Studies from University College London. She draws on seven years of training experience, development work and consulting in conflict and change management to enable people, communities and businesses to overcome tense situations, advance their performance and their goals.

Her work as an Admissions Consultant flows from being attuned, passionate and informed about the opportunities available to academic achievers who want to explore and develop their potential beyond their current reality. Madeline’s own educational path in Europe and SE Asia, as well as the current preparation for a PhD candidature are the basis for her empathetic connection with students. Given her diverse past experience, Madeline is keen and able to help them reach their educational goals and to support their transition between educational institutions, cultural settings and chapters of their lives.

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Zhou Feng

PhD (Yale), B.Com. (Cornell)

Zhou Feng received his PhD. in Biology from the University of Yale and his Bachelor of Economics and Biology from Cornell University. He was supported by ASTAR’s National Science Scholarship to spent close to nine years living and studying in the US. As a Yale alumnus, he have experienced the US college application cycle first-hand, sitting for standard admission tests such as SAT, GRE, TOEFL, as well as finalising the college and graduate school applications. He found his passion in academic advising when he helped his cousin in crafting his Yale application essays and interview preparation. He soon realised that he truly enjoy enabling others to develop good US college applications.

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